18 Jul

Reliability of water supply is the main driver for drilling boreholes and the availability of mains water supply is limited in certain locations. Both domestic, industrial and municipalities rely of underground water system for provision of potable water. RPMT Borehole drilling specializes in drilling boreholes for water supply at depths up to 200m with ranging diameters, utilizing our state of the art drilling rigs using technology from the oil & gas industry. We are truly South African leading borehole engineering company and our vast client base can attest to that fact. We have a saying in our drilling department: “As long as there is soil below our feet, we can provide you with clean water”

RPMT Borehole Drilling distributes Grundfos, Hurricane, Franklin submersible pumps as well as several other borehole equipment and we are able to provide turnkey solutions to our clients including pumps, riser pipes, cables, control systems, pressure systems, flow meters. We also offer a full maintenance and management to ensure smooth care free running of your independent water supply. Should an incident lead to the failure of the pump or control system, our technical team is deployed to site to ensure that the borehole is up and running with minimal downtime

 Carrying out pumping trials in order to determine the borehole yield, water level and impact of the abstraction on other nearby water sources. 

Rehabilitation of borehole at stipulated periods is required to ensure optimum raw water quality and yield. This ensures commissioned boreholes provide decades of uninterrupted service, Also old boreholes can be redeveloped to provide water at minimal upfront investment


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